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We are Saunaworlds!

Saunaworlds offers a balance to the ever more hectic everyday life: sauna, massage, wellness and swimming is a perfect way to switch off for a few hours or a complete day and to take care of yourself and your body.
Saunaworlds is the global sauna site. Our index includes more than 10000 saunas and thermal baths and offers information, reviews and booking possibilities.

Our Vision

We want to help you discover new saunas and spend a few pleasant hours away from everyday life. If possible in your immediate vicinity to strengthen regional tourism and avoid unnecessary journeys - and thus CO2 emissions. With a few hot hours in the sauna, even autumn in a rainy area around the corner can replace the destination into hotter regions!
With our tools we want to fight against the ever decreasing number of thermal baths and saunas and give the operators the possibility to work modern and economical. Because only that secures their existence in the long term!

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