Make your
Sauna digital!

We help you to digitalize your Sauna Business.

Increase customer satisfaction

Saunaworlds is a solution for all companies that provide public sauna and spa facilities. We want to help you to tackle your everyday business challenges by providing sustainable digital solutions to offer a perfect customer experience.

  • Present yourself visibly and attractively to new customers.
  • Hear your customers feedback and communicate with them.
  • Plan a steady workload and one-off events.
  • Increase customers satisfaction.
  • No advertisements!

Saunas and Spas

  • give customers a quick insight into your sauna
  • digital sale of tickets and vouchers
  • Payment by APP

Hotel and holiday home rental

  • make your spa area attractive for external guests
  • define time frames for external use
  • Payment by APP


  • make your wellness area attractive for external guests
  • define time frames for use
  • Payment by APP


  • Rent your sauna by the hour or by the day
  • define time frames for the rental
  • Reservation, booking and payment via APP

The perfect Company Presentation

Increase your visibility and attractiveness for new guests in your region and beyond with a complete sauna profile. The sauna profile offers users the possibility to see what saunas you offer at a glance.
Have a look at our sample profile to get to know all the options available at the moment!

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Opening times

With our flexible opening hours tool you are able to enter even the most complex times systematically. So there will never be misunderstandings again, and your customer can find out if your sauna is open at the desired time.

Manage your Images

Your pictures are the most important figurehead besides the ratings. Choose the right pictures for the different areas of your profile and use an unlimited number of pictures to represent your offer in a meaningful way.


With our price tool, prices can be entered that are appropriate for the time of day and dependent on the target group. With the price calculator, your customers can then quickly and easily find the cheapest fare and the total costs for the next trip.

News from your Saunaworld

There's always something new: show your customers why it's worth coming to you, when and what to expect. This allows you to better plan your workload and, based on customer interest, to hold your events more regularly or cancel them altogether.


With our event tool you can publish events and manage registrations and tickets. Perfect for the next long sauna nights!


Looking for a new face on the team? Finding new employees is almost as exhausting as finding the right job. We bring together what belongs together.

Sauna Infusion Planner

With the sauna infusion planner you can plan your sauna day in advance, set it on the profile and print it out as a PDF.

Grow with your customers

Customer satisfaction as the most important measure: optimize your offer and receive important feedback.

Analyze Feedback

Answer and categorize the ratings of your customers and improve your service sustainably measured by customer benefit.

Communication Channel

Use the contact option on the sauna profile to receive and answer qualified customer inquiries.


Publish short news and reach directly your customers who have your sauna on their watch list or visit your profile.

Create your Account

Create your account now and create a new profile, or take over your existing sauna on our platform.

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